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Sneezing old wives tales

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You can't possibly read in that light! Is this an old wives' tale? It's always seemed obvious to me that if you stay out in the cold and wind, you're more likely to catch a cold. Absolutely - as long as you don't have a big lunch as well. Unmarried people should not sit at the corner of the table. If a cat is washing its face, expect guests soon. Female mosquitoes, which are the ones that bite, are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale, our body heat, and certain chemicals in our sweat. You have to admit, Snotlout , that does kind of sum up your relationship with Hookfang.

Sneezing old wives tales

So, first one, Linda, is there any truth in the belief that if you eat a large meal in the evening, you're more likely to put on weight than if you eat the same amount of food earlier in the day? They may involve animals, graveyards, ghosts, inanimate objects, or even other people. It is often considered taboo to step over people, or parts of their body, who are on the ground. Whatever you do, Snotlout , don't spark. People will often avoid crossing the place where it crossed, or will at least wait for someone else to cross it first. I'd give it to him, Snotlout. In any case a quarter of all bottled water sold is just filtered tap water. We have in the studio Dr Linda Blakey, who is helping us sort out the medical facts from all the myths and old wives' tales that are out there. But recent research has found that being exposed to cold temperatures does, in fact, lower our body's defences, so that means that if you get cold, you're more likely to become infected by a cold virus, or to develop a cold if you've already been infected. Between ten and 20 people a year get an electric shock while having a bath or shower during a thunderstorm, and some of these die as a result. This mostly applies to girls, and often only young girls. It is better to leave it behind, but if returning is necessary, one should look in the mirror before leaving the house again. We're all a bit suspicious of what comes out of our taps, and that's why sales of bottled water have risen so much over the last decade. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those lucky people either, but your husband obviously is. In fact, this one is quite true. Now something my parents used to tell me was that it was dangerous to have a bath or a shower during a thunderstorm, because I might get electrocuted. They may involve animals, graveyards, ghosts, inanimate objects, or even other people. These people on average are no more overweight than people who do not suffer from this syndrome. Well, there's a clear answer there: Well, colds, we know, are caused by viruses, which you catch from an infected person, for example, when they cough or sneeze. That all makes sense to me. Absolutely - as long as you don't have a big lunch as well. Lucky in cards not lucky in love. Now the next one affects me directly. It's not a myth, it's true.

Sneezing old wives tales

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  1. Sometimes you have to deal With the alvins and snotlouts of the world. But I also remember reading somewhere that this was a myth.

  2. Well, this is one that parents around the world have been telling their children for generations, but it actually has very little scientific backing.

  3. Russian superstitions Knocking on wood is practiced in Russia as in other countries. You can't possibly read in that light!

  4. Snotlout , Fishlegs, let's see what you've got. A calorie at midday is no different from a calorie at midnight, and the idea that your metabolism slows down in the evening is actually a myth.

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