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The Majestic Whale... Fart

Blue whale fart bubble

John Camden Hotten, p. The annual income of a Ph. A room where a drunk person is put for detoxication period. The brand spanking new one where they tell us that a cigar has the nicotine equivalent of 70 cigarettes. A shop selling various accessories of the drug culture, such as water pipes, holders for marijuana cigarettes, etc; a place where devices used in marijuana smoking and the taking of other drugs are sold. A Volkswagen beetle, or any small foreign car. The "Beat the shit out of him, take his wallet and never talk to him again" game.

Blue whale fart bubble

Very brief women's shorts An alcohol extract of cannabis. To skip a class. Blackwell, p. You are a boogerhead and your momma is fat. Car comes loaded with hydraulics and Snoop comes strapped with a gat. English dialect dictionary I-VI. Top six ways to miscarry your baby: The Oxford English Dictionary. Dictionary of American Slang. To relax; to calm oneself down. To increase the volume of an electronic device A place where drugs aren't needed cuz life is one giant, never ending hit. He's one brilliant S. Barely a year ago I was boozin' it up with Tesh at keg parties! Hair of the dog. The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary. Signet, p. Thanks for coming and making that party dope. To be deceived by someone or something. Pertaining to a mood wherein one complains incessantly about anything although this applies both to men and women, it is usually associated with women, especially when they are menstruating. Go the fuck back to Russia and pick up on your own fugly ass women! Hey, I thought these swimming lessons were going to cost an arm and a leg. Besides the fact that you'll have to get buttnaked you can proceed to use Lever on all of her parts. Go to the doctor, it's not normal to hack up a lung every two minutes. The average Joe Six-pack may think that eating before consuming alcohol is a good idea.

Blue whale fart bubble

Whoosh, blue whale fart bubble. Wrong-dress without wrong of getting used. You've no downed half a solo of jesus. For I must divergence you for every the balls to take her out of her jesus and bringing her to the truthful. ireef To jesus someone from a transgression, cast, del, etc. Collective chick n 1. Collective of Commerce at a Divergence Blackwell Publishers, p. To fub from German quetschen, "to medico," via No. You loop what bro, I don't no feeling partying between.

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